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Splash News

Kim and Kanye were friends for over five years before they started dating in April 2012. It is widely known that Kanye West had a crush on Kim Kardashian for many years, but they were both in other romantic relationships, so they focused on building their friendship. Finally in 2012 Kim married and divorced the NBA basketball Kris Humphries in an infamous marriage that only lasted 73 days and Kanye broke up with his longtime girlfriend Amber Rose.

The timing of their breakups could not have been more perfect. Kanye finally had the chance to go after his “dream girl” and wasted no time in asking her out for a date and then flying her to fashion week in Paris in the spring of 2012. Since that eventful year, Kim and Kanye have achieved things together that many people can barely dream of. Their lives continue to be remarkable in every way and never cease to amaze.

Between the two of them, West and Kardashian have successfully completed international music tours, launched many different multi-million dollar businesses including a mobile smartphone game featuring Kim as the main character (Kim Kardashian Hollywood), became international style icons and had a beautiful baby girl, in North West. What’s more impressive? Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have achieved it while hundreds of millions of people watch their every move, scrutinizing even the smallest detail.s

Kim and Kanye are now the most photographed couple in the world.

The World’s Largest Kim and Kanye Photo Gallery

Two Stars Were Born

The rest as they say is history. The world’s most popular couple was born and started dating almost immediately after Paris fashion week. Through interviews, both Kim and Kanye have shared they are a “perfect couple” and that their relationship is built on a love of world travel, fashion, and family. Since 2012, the legendary rapper and his “trophy” have been admired by fans all over the world and immortalized in thousands of photos. One of the photos taken during their wedding became the most viewed and like photo on Instagram ever. Now photos that Kim shares to her massive social media following routinely get over 500,000 likes or shares.

Photos of Kim and Kanye, and now photos of North West are some of the most desired by the paparazzi, who follow the celebrity couple everywhere. Hardly a day goes by without a new photo of the world’s most popular couple surfacing across social media or online. Photographers follow Kim on her way to the gym, Kim and Kanye arriving at the airport, and North West taking her first steps.

Not only are professional photographers capturing the famous family, fans also snap photos on their phones when they spot any of the Kardashian family. It is common to see fan photos of Kim at Kanye’s concerts or in the airport. Some lucky fans even get a selfie with Kim, who is the official “queen of the selfie” and one of the celebrities who is credited for making photos of yourself so popular. The team at have collected the best photos of the famous couple and compiled the world’s largest Kim and Kanye photo gallery for our readers.

What it Takes to Be the Most Photographed Couple in the World

North West First Steps

Swimming helped North West take her first steps.

Can you imagine having your every move captured by camera? Whether it’s the paparazzi following you on every meal eaten out or E! News cameras following you around your house while chatting up your brothers and sisters, chances are you would be driven to your limits.

Why? Because being photographed is not the norm for 95% of people. In fact, having a camera in your face would most definitely be a huge distraction in your day-to-day life.

This is where Kim and Kanye differ from the rest of us: they eat, drink, live and sleep publicity. Kardashian and West simply relish the opportunity to be the focal point of conversations by the watercooler or gossip conversations among the millions of dedicated fans of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Having the paparazzi and camera crews following them constantly actually HELPS Kim and Kanye continue to grow their massive brands. Kim with her TV shows, lines of beauty products and Kim Kardashian Hollywood game, and Kanye with his legendary and long-lasting hip-hop career. Together, as unstoppable force of style, beauty and ego.

Whether or not you idolize the Kardashian way of life, it’s difficult to not be impressed by two people who turn the cameras on themselves, take an immense amount of scrutiny from the general public and still enjoy massively successful and satisfying business careers.


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