Kim and Kanye Photos – The World’s Largest Gallery

Kim and Kanye were friends for over five years before they started dating in April 2012. It is widely known that Kanye West had a crush on Kim Kardashian for many years, but they were both in other romantic relationships, so they focused on building their friendship. Finally in 2012 Kim married and divorced the NBA basketball Kris Humphries in an infamous marriage that only lasted 73 days and Kanye broke up with his longtime girlfriend Amber Rose. The timing of their breakups was perfect and Kanye went after his “dream girl”, asking her out for a date and flying her to fashion week in Paris in the spring of 2012.

The World’s Largest Kim and Kanye Photo Gallery

The rest as they say is history. The world’s most popular couple was born and started dating almost immediately after Paris fashion week. Through interviews, both Kim and Kanye have shared they are a “perfect couple” and that their relationship is built on a love of world travel, fashion, and family. Since 2012, the legendary rapper and his “trophy” have been admired by fans all over the world and immortalized in thousands of photos. The team at have collected the best photos of the famous couple and compiled the world’s largest Kim and Kanye photo gallery for our readers.