Hottest Kim Kardashian Selfies [Photo Gallery]

Kim Kardashian takes a lot of selfies. In fact, Kim is the official queen of the selfie – having posted over one thousand selfie photos across her Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts over the past 4 years. It is reported that she takes hundreds of photos of herself a month for her husband Kanye West and her over 40 million social media followers. Kim’s selfie obsession has led to a new book deal photo collection of her selfies. The hardcover book of 325 of Kim’s favorite selfies is set to be released by Rizzoli’s Universe and will be available for purchase in April 2015. Kim and Kanye also take selfies together during their travels across the world and share them on Instagram.

In honor of the queen, the team has put together a collection of the hottest Kim Kardashian selfies. Her reach is unrivaled and influence unmatched, collectively these photos of Kim have received over 150 million likes and shares.

Hottest Kim Kardashian Selfies