The Challenges of Being Kim and Kanye [PICS+VIDEO]

Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner in Rolls Royce, Beverley Hills August 26, 2014

Kim and Kanye are two of the most popular celebrities in the world and this type of visibility ultimately creates a lot of challenges. Every second of every day that Kim and Kanye are out in the public eye they are being followed by paparazzi looking to capture them doing everything things – like going to the gym, driving, or simply shopping. Being famous is not easy, but it certainly has it’s perks, as Kim and Kanye’s net worth has exploded in recent years as they have gotten more popular.

Yesterday Kim Kardashian was running errands without her mother Kris Jenner and while driving in her Rolls Royce Kim was confronted by photographers and gave them the middle finger. Kim, without makeup, was clearly in a vulnerable moment with her mother and simply wanted to be left alone. Commenters across the web have noticed that Kim’s enormous engagement and wedding rings are missing in the photo, hinting at trouble between Kim and Kanye. But it is widely known that Kim, who was reportedly on the way to get her nails done with her mother, takes of her wedding ring when going to the nail salon.

Kim and Kanye Photos

Increased visbiliy and living life in the public eye will always have it’s challenges and some days Kim Kardashian won’t be able to put on a smile for her worldwide fans. It is important to remember that Kim and Kanye, even though they are the world’d most popular couple, they are still real people. Kanye’s rants and outbursts in the media are widely known and he is routinely quoted in the media speaking negatively about the paparazzi. But at the same time, both Kim and Kanye live incredibly visible lifestyles. They live in two of the most populous and popular cities in the entire world – Los Angeles and New York. Kim and Kanye also frequent paparazzi hotspots around Beverley Hills, Los Angeles, and in SoHo where Kanye has an apartment. It is widely known that paparazzi wait outside the couple’s apartment in New York City and they are reportedly looking for a much large apartment.

Kanye West Flips out on Paparazzi

But it is important to remember that Kim and Kanye have become the world’s most popular couple because of the paparazzi and they have made a lot of money on having their images shared with the world. In fact, it is widely reported that most of the paparazzi photos have been staged – like the report that photos of Kim Kardashian in US Magazine are staged. What is known is that Kim and Kanye have both used the paparazzi to their advantage and it is the primary ingredient in them becoming worldwide celebrities. Yes Kanye West is one of the most prolific and legendary rappers and producers in history, but his visibility has exploded since dating and then marrying Kim.

As long as they are in the public eye and people remain interested, then there will always be challenges for the world’s most popular couple. There will always be challenges associated with being global celebrities, and that is something that the smartest and most savvy ones, like Kim and Kanye, are able to leverage for their own gain. Both Kim and Kanye are masterful business people, they are brands, they are a global machine, and they are making insanely large sums of money. As Jimmy Fallon recently said at the Emmy awards on Monday night “‘None of us will ever make as much money as Kim Kardashian did for her iPhone game.” This is true, Kim and Kanye are now one of the world’s most valuable brands.



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