Swimming Inspired North West’s First Steps

North West First Steps

Swimming Was the Key to North West Taking Her First Steps

It might sound crazy, but North West’s swimming lessons actually helped her to take those highly anticipated first steps on July 23.

Recently, supermom Kim Kardashian has candidly talked about her baby’s big day and how North managed to build up enough courage to put one foot in front of the other. As it turns out, an apple played a critical part.

Having already taken over a week’s worth of mother-daughter swimming classes, North West felt inspired to go after an apple-shaped floaty toy that she had been playing with all week.

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While sitting down with People to chat about her new line of sunless tanning products, Kim dished on North and how the proud moment came to be:

“She was so excited to have this apple that she would swim around the pool to get it. Then we took her out, and she just walked [her first steps] toward the apple! We were like, ‘She walked!’ It was so exciting!”

One of the most exciting parts of the big moment was having both Kim and Kanye there to witness it. For such a busy celebrity family, sharing one of North’s major milestones together was a big deal for Kardashian and West. 

Kim and North Just Moments After Her First Steps

Kim Kardashian and North West

Kim Kardashian and North West share a beautiful moment together. Photo: Kim Kardashian

Kim went on to say,

“Obviously, [I] think her walking [was the biggest milestone],” says the reality star, 33. “And it’s so fun to see her take swim class. She loves the water in general – she really likes to have fun.” 

Now we understand why North West was wrapped in a bright yellow towel just moments after taking her first steps.


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