Jessica Simpson Wants Kim Kardashian’s Butt

kim kardashian jessica simpson

Kim Kardashian’s Butt Has Caught Jessica Simpson’s Attention

In the latest roundup of style-related news in the Kardashian world, there are reports that former pop signing sensation Jessica Simpson has her eye on Kim Kardashian‘s butt and is jealous of the reality star’s astounding curves.

After having her second child, Jessica Simpson, 34, has lost 50 pounds and desperately wants to get some of her original curves back. The focus this time, as you might expect, is on her rear end. Simpson now spends hours each day watching Kim on Keeping Up With the Kardashians and even more time sorting through photos of Kardashian, all in the hopes of finding a way to make her butt larger.

One insider told The National Enquirer,

“Jessica has always felt competitive with Kim, but since she got her figure back it’s gone up another level. She’s been poring over photos of Kim’s butt for weeks, studying it from as many angles as she can.”

Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson Competing for Glamour & Fame

kim kardashian jessica simpson

Kim Kardashian’s butt is getting some hot attention from Jessica Simpson. Photo: Getty

If Only Exercise Were the Answer

Simpson has tried using diet and exercise to get her ideal figure, but that has proven more difficult that imagined. She is not looking into other cosmetic surgery options, such as butt lifts and fillers, to get that perfect shape.

“But Jess realizes there’s no way she could get a sexy booty like Kim’s with just exercise. So she’s been looking into fillers and various butt lift options to see which procedure will give her the same shape.”

But don’t think the envy stops there. Kim has been impressed with Simpson’s ability to drop so much weight after having her second child. Kim initially struggled with the baby weight, but has made strides recently through diet and exercise to drop the pounds.

Don’t call it a done deal yet, as this preliminary report is unverified. But keep an eye on Jessica Simpson as she works tirelessly to keep up with Kim Kardashian. The two are constantly competing to outshine each other and grab the national spotlight.

Radar Online also reported on this story.

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