Kanye West New Womens Fashion Brand? [PICS]

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, Collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti

Is Kanye West working on another fashion collaboration with world famous Italian designer Giuseppe Zanotti? Kanye who is reportedly building his own fashion line is continuing his collaborations with top designers all over the world and combining them into his own line. What is Kanye planning to call his new line? Recently Kanye has filed new trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark office for the brand name Clothing by Kanye West and other associated names. While the details are being kept incredibly quiet, we have been informed that a Kanye Women’s clothing line inspired by his beautiful wife Kim Kardashian is currently in the design stages. Reportedly the first collaboration for his new fashion line is going to be another pair of shoes inspired by his wife Kim Kardashian. Let’s take a look back at the most successful Kanye West fashion collaboration to get a sense for how the new Clothing by Kanye West line could unfold.

Kanye has collaborated with fashion designers for years, but none have produced such a sensation as his $6000 shoe creation with Giuseppe Zanotti. When Kanye was preparing for his first Paris Fashion Week in 2012 he contacted the luxury Italian shoe designer, Giuseppe Zanotti to help him develop a line for his runway show. In an interview with Fashionista.com Zannoti said, “ We met twice and then he asked to come into my maison because he wanted to understand the process of [creating a] collection of shoes and design. We started with something elegant for his runway He taught me something, I taught him something.”

What the two made together was revealed not only on the runway, but more importantly on Kim’s feet. Kim’s favorite Kanye and Zanotti collaboration are her $6000 zip-up-calf-leather-sandals that are hand embroidered with pearls. Not everyone can rock this shoe, but Kim can and does.

Here are the best pictures of Kim Kardashian rocking her hubby’s pricey collaborative footwear.

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