Kanye West Building a Kardashian Church

Kim and Kanye Church

New Kim Kardashian Church Budgeted at $5 Million

It may sound crazy, but don’t dissmiss it as a possibility. Recent reports indicate Kanye West has plans to build a church in honor of his beloved wife, Kim Kardashian.

Though the story has yet to be verified as true, an insider close to the couple recently shed some light on Kanye’s grand architectual plans to The National Enquirer.

Kanye West is known for his over-the-top antics and this story doesn’t miss a beat. Wanting a place for family events, West is reportedly setting aside $5 million to build a church dedicated to Kim and the Kardashian name.

“They want somewhere that weddings, baptisms and funeralscan take place for years to come. But Kanye being Kanye, it’s going to be ludicrously over the top,” a source revealed to The Enquirer.

According to the source, this church may be unlike any other. Drawing inspiration from Barcelona’s La Sagrada Familia, West hopes to make the Kim and Kanye church as magnificent as possible

“Kanye has visited the church several times, and it takes his breath away every time,” the insider revealed. “He’s always wanted something similar for his own family.”

The source went one to say,

“Kanye sees it as a monument to him and Kim that will become a major landmark. He says everyone will want to see it, like the Hollywood sign or the Empire State Building.”

This latest development isn’t the only major real estate move Kim and Kanye have made in recent months. Less than a month ago, the couple purchased a new $20 million home in California. West and Kardashian may be getting plenty of use out of the new home and future “church” with reports of a second baby soon to be on the way to keep North West company.

Kanye West Planning a Church for His Family

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