Kim Watches Kanye at Outsidelands in San Francisco [PICS+VIDEO]

Kim and Kanye Outsidelands

Kim Kardashian was the doting wife while her husband Kanye West performed at the Outsidelands music festival in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park this weekend. Sneaking back stage, Kim and Kanye presented the picture of a couple excited to be with each other. Just the day after picking up Kim and North West at the San Francisco airport, Kanye West gave the first day a standout performance at the popular music festival, but reviews for Kanye’s set were decidedly mixed. During the set one lucky fan captured a video of Kim Kardashian walking around during Kanye’s performance, before she snuck backstage to see her husband.

Kim and Kanye at Outsidelands in San Francisco

Kim Sneaking Backstage to Watch Kanye’s Performance

Kim and Kanye Outsidelands 2014

Kim and Kanye Outsidelands 2014 – Instagram

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to Kanye West shows – since they started dating in 2012, Kim has reportedly only missed three of Kanye’s performance. Widely regarded as one of the best rappers and producers ever, Kanye West is known to put on incredibly energetic performances. His show at Outsidelands is a rare appearance this summer for Kim’s husband, since he has been working on his new album. In Kanye’s recent interview with GQ magazine, he shared that he will be releasing a new album full of hits in August of September of this year.

During his almost two hour Yeezus set, Kanye performed all of his popular hits for the excited crowd and the twenty one song set list included: Black Skinhead, I Don’t Like, Cold, Clique, Can’t Tell Me Nothing, New Slaves, Power, Stronger, Heartless, and Good Life. It was previously leaked that Kanye might play a new song or two from his upcoming album at the festival, but instead he stuck to his hits. It is clear from the photos that Kim was clearly having a good time in San Francis0 (where Kim and Kanye got engaged earlier this year), both because of the concert and Kim shared a photo on Instagram of her walking along the water near the Golden Gate bridge – one of the most beautiful spots in San Francisco.

Kim and Kanye in San Francisco 2014 [SLIDESHOW]

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