Kim Kardashian Reveals Wedding No-Shows

Did Jay-Z and Beyonce Skip Out on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Wedding Last Minute?

Kim Kardashian made a splash last night while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Kim and host Jimmy Kimmel chatted about everything from Kanye West to pre-wedding shennanigans that occurred at their lavish Versailles party. They even chatted about why they chose to party it up in France before having a $30 million wedding in Florence. It was one of Kim’s first major public appearances, outside of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, that Kim has had since marrying husband Kanye West back on May 24.

74 days so far…longer than Kris Humphries

But, one of the biggest and hottest topics of the show’s filming was about the last minute wedding no-shows. When prompted to discuss the guests who dissed Kim and Kanye , Kim said “The worst was someone canceling last minute and not telling us.”

“Who did that? Whose name was engraved?” asked Kimmel, referring to the marble head table that Kim and Kanye had carved with each individual guest’s name. But, the Kardashian princess wouldn’t go as far to say who was responsible for ditching their famous wedding the last day.

Regardless, there are still swirling rumors that ‘friends’ Jay-Z and Beyonce  were the missing stars.

“I don’t want to out anyone — someone did. We tried to put white paint and cover the name.”

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