9 Best Kim Kardashian No Makeup Pics


Kim Kardashian is one of the most beautiful and seductive women in the world. Women want to be Kim and men are jealous of her husband Kanye West. It is widely known that Kim spends an average of $25,000 a week on her makeup and hair team, but there are some days when Kim decides to go without makeup and show the world her natural face. Whether it Kim Kardashian workout day, or a day when she is tired and low key, it is rare, but it is possible to see Kim Kardashian makeup free some days.

Kim and Kanye spend a lot of their time traveling around the world to do things like vacation in Mexico and partying in Ibiza with the world’s top celebrities like Justin Bieber and Puff Daddy. Some days Kim must wake up with a hangover and say – “no makeup for me please”. Some days Kim looks very tired and she has every reason to be with the lifestyle that she lives. But the wonderful thing is that Kim is a natural beauty – unlike many celebrities, Kim doesn’t need makeup. In fact, some say that she looks even prettier with out makeup. To celebrate Kim Kardashian’s natural beauty, we have collected our top 9 favorite photos of Kim Kardashian without makeup through the years.

Kim Kardashian No Makeup Gallery



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