Kim and Kanye Still Together – Not Breaking Up [PICS]

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The big news story this week is that Kim and Kanye West are breaking up, but based on the editorial team’s analysis, this is not a true story and is merely a rumor. We all know the world like to speculate whether Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, the world’s most popular couple are still together or are breaking up – but this is a completely false rumor which has no basis in reality. According to recent photos of Kim and Kanye in Mexico on vacation and all other reports their marriage is actually going strong and Kim and Kanye are in planning to have another baby.

But despite breakup rumors, it is well known that Kim and Kanye both lead very busy lives and don’t always travel together – as can be seen in the photos of Kim traveling back solo from Mexico with her baby North West. There is no indication that they are actually breaking up or that the world famous couple’s relationship is on the rocks. Kanye is reportedly been working on an album that will be secretly released in the next month, so he has obviously been busy with the recording and mastering of his album. Now that Kim and Kanye are back from vacation, Kanye is excited to get back to his music. We can’t forget that Kanye West has won 21 Grammy awards for his music and is one of the most successful rappers and producers in music history. To state it lightly, Kanye is a big deal and is very busy. Kim on the other hand is incredibly busy herself working on increasing her net worth through a variety of high profile businesses – these take her a lot of time to manage. We are confident Kim and Kanye are still kissing and going strong.

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