Kim Kardashian Hollywood App Hits Number One


Kim Kardashian is a master businesswoman and she has created a runaway hit in her iPhone app Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood which is now the top selling app and has reached number one on the free app list. The iPhone app currently has almost 150,000 reviews and a 5.0 star rating – which is very rare for any mobile app, let alone a game. This means that not only are a lot of people downloading Kim Kardashian Hollywood, they are also really enjoying playing the game.

So if it is a free app is Kim making any money? Yes, she is making a ton of money. It has previously been reported that Kim gets approximately 35% of all of the in app purchases (which is how the app makes money). Based on the total number of downloads and the list of top in app purchases, it is easy to see that Kim is making thousands of dollars a minute on this mobile app. The stock of Glu Mobile, the company that owns the other 65% of the profit from the game has nearly doubled in the past month despite being rated a “sell” by most of Wall Street.

The minimum price for an in-app purchase is currently $3.99, with the most expensive being $39.99 – yes you read that correctly, some people are literally paying $40 to purchase an “XL Star Pack” in Kim’s game. Recent reports project that Kim is going to make over $200 million on Kim Karadashian’s Hollywood in the next year. Whether or not those reports are true, it is certainly clear that Kim Kardashian is making a lot of money on this app.

The game has clearly gone viral and there are many reasons why. Last week I decided to learn what all the excitement was about so I downloaded the game. From the beginning it is incredibly addictive and almost immediately I was prompted to buy different star packs to advance to other areas of the game. I was very skeptical, but this game is actually a lot of fun. Tech Crunch just wrote a great review of Kim Kardashian Hollywood with a play by play of the app. Social media is also built directly into the game, which is a smart move given Kim’s social media presence – currently Kim Kardashian’s Facebook page has over 22 million followers.

Whenever you reach a new level in the game it tweets out this announcement to your Twitter followers. This caused an issue this week when the United States EPA tweeted out that they had reached the C Level celebrity status – clearly whoever manages the EPA’s Twitter account were playing the game. It is that addicting and it’s easy to see why the app reached number on the iPhone app store. This is definitely going to increase Kim Kardashian’s net worth significantly.




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