Has Kim Kardashian Gained 22 Pounds on Binge Eating?

kim kardashian weight gain

22 Pounds? Kim Reportedly Adds Pounds in Recent Weeks


One of the latest and more surprising news stories involving Kim Kardashian is her reported rapid weight gain. Recent reports indicate that Kim Kardashian has been getting a little too loose with her diet and has put on a number of unwanted pounds.

Reported by tabloid Star Magazine, Kim has been binge eating and added at least 22 pounds to the scale. The tabloid also reports that Kim and husband Kanye West have been on the outs for weeks, possibly the cause for Kim’s drastic change in behavior.

It is still too early to tell whether any of the rumors currently swirling hold any credibility, but it’s a safe bet that Kim will have to address them in the coming weeks. As for the alleged weight gain, we’ll believe it when we see it.

kim kardashian weight gain



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