The Fabulous Life of Kim and Kanye [Full Episode]


Kim and Kanye were recently featured on The Fabulous Lives of the Rich and Famous television show. In this episode you will learn about how Kim Kardashian and Kanye West live – their incredible house and outrageous lifestyle. It sure isn’t easy being the world’s most famous celebrity couple. This is a true behind the scenes insider look at the Lifestyle of Kim and Kanye – the money, the power, the clothes, the houses, the travel.

This episode is about the mega-empire that Kim and Kanye have built. It starts off with Kanye proposing to Kim Kardashian at AT&T baseball park in front of an orchestra and the Kardashian family. Kanye reportedly rented our the stadium for $220,000 and gave Kim a 15 carat diamond engagement ring worth approximately $8 million. But this is only the start of their lavish life – watch the full 43 minute episode below to learn more about Kim and Kanye

The Lifestyle of Kim and Kanye



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