Sexy Kim Kardashian Selfies in Thailand

Kim Kardashian Selfies

PHOTO/VIDEO: Sexy Kim Kardashian Selfies During Thai Vacation

As recently aired on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian was busy snapping some sexy selfies for hubby Kanye West, when her step-brother Brody Jenner accidentally walked in. During one photo session when Kim was sporting an ultra-sheer white dress, 30 year-old Jenner mistakenly walked in and exclaimed “Whoa” as the stunned Kardashian beauty screamed “Oh my god”.

What’s a Kardashian vacation without a little bit of harmless drama, anyway? Onto the important stuff. Kim was so determined to get the right shot for Kanye and managed to snag a few winners.

While Kim and the rest of family were soaking up some sun and enjoying a luxurious stay in Thailand, Kanye was unable to make the trip. To help close the distance between them, she figured a few sexy Kim Kardashian selfies would do the trick.

As reported by  US Magazine, the white dress shoot was just one of many that Kardashian held while in Thailand. She snapped selfies at every possible moment, captioning one for her rapper love, “Wish you were here.” She also famously stripped down to a nude bikini and flaunted her assets in a sexy beach photoshoot, which she posted a throwback from on Monday, July 21. 

Kim Kardashian Selfies

Photo Courtesy Kris Jenner

Credit: Brian Prahl/Splash News

Photo Credit: Kim Kardashian



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