Kim Kardashian Hits Gym [New Pics]


Recently Kim Kardashian has been posting more photos and comments about her weight struggles. We all have heard about and seen Kim Kardashian’s intense workout routine. From her Instagram account, Kim posted the following photo of her working out at a gym while on vacation with Kanye and North West while in Mexico. Based on the 589,000 likes on the photo and all of the comments, it looks like Kim’s fans are happy with her appearance.

In honor of Kim’s trip to the gym yesterday, we decided to post some of our favorite photos of Kim working out at the gym. To achieve and maintain her world class figure, Kim definitely spend a lot of time in the gym. It is well known that she doesn’t like to work out as much as her sister Khole Kardashian does, but knows she needs to stay healthy for her fans, Kanye, and baby.






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