Kim and Kanye Have Separate Bank Accounts


Based on new reports Kim Kardashian is evidently the frugal one in her marriage. Despite Kim and Kanye’s staggering net worth, Kim has made it a priority to bank separately from Kanye, due to his reckless spending and penchant for buying one of a kind designer clothes, cars, and album production. As always, it appears this is a case of boys will be boys and buy toys with their money.

It’s not like Kanye doesn’t have a lot of money of his own, but Kim – well regarded as a globally successful businesswoman wants to make sure she can hold on and invest her own money. We have to admit that we were surprised by this – but then again its probably pretty difficult to keep $500 million in one bank account. Sources are reporting that Kim Kardashian also wants to keep their finances separate because of the staggering recent success of her video game Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood, which is set to be one of the highest grossing mobile apps ever!

Despite only being married for two months, by all indications this is just one more indication that Kim and Kanye are in it to win it and that their marriage will likely be successful for decades to come.

After all not everyone can have a family photo taken by Annie Leibovitz – Kim and Kanye are truly the worlds most powerful and popular celebrity couple.




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