Kim Kardashian Workout

Kim Kardashian Workout

How does Kim Kardashian? She keeps an insanely busy business schedule filled with appointments, meetings, show tapings. Kim has Kanye West as a hip-hop star husband and her daughter North is one of the most talked about and photographed babies in the world, and she STILL manages to keep a killer body! We know she put on some baby weight while pregnant with North West, but who can blame her?!

She doesn’t let anything stop her from keeping a Grade A, Top 10 body….with plenty of hard work! Since giving birth to Nori last year, Kim has been toning and shaping her body back into pre-pregnancy shape. In preparation for her recent wedding with Kanye West, Kim has worked out tirelessly to look her best.

Recently, Joey Gonzalez, celebrity trainer, COO & Partner at Barry’s Bootcamp, dished to Hollywood Life on how to get abs just like Kim Kardashian:

Kim works very hard for her sculpted abs. We love combination moves at Barry’s Bootcamp because they’re extremely effective when it comes to toning and bringing up the heart rate for that cardiovascular work as well.

One of the most effective moves we use in several Barry’s Bootcamp classes is a combo move: burpee into mountain climbers. I suggest doing one burpee with a push-up, bringing the chest as close to the ground as possible on the way down, followed by four to six quick mountain climbers. The quick movements and changes in levels from high to low hit several muscle groups and will build cardio endurance at the same time.

Another way to hone in on those abs is to utilize heavy weights — there’s no need to be afraid of them! They bring your heart rate up more quickly than doing a bunch of reps with lighter weights, thus burning more calories and helping to get rid of those last few pounds around your middle. Try laying on the ground or on a workout bench and do all of your crunches with a heavy weight (10-15 pounds) in your hands, resting just above your chest.

You can also try a jackknife move with one weight and crunches with your legs straight up, feet flexed, bringing the weight to meet your ankles.  As long as you get your shoulders off the bench or ground, you’re doing well!

Combining cardiovascular, like running, with interval training using heavy weights. is the best way to get that flat stomach in record time.

Kim Kardashian Workout




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