Kim Kardashian Weight Loss

Kim Kardashian Weight Loss

She’s admitted that it’s been one of the biggest challenges of her life. After putting on over 60 pounds during her pregnancy with the one-and-only adorable baby North West, Kim Kardashian has been on a successful mission to drop that pesky baby weight. For someone so beautiful and constantly in the eye of the media, we can only imagine the pressure she’s been under to get back to her pre-pregnancy body!

As reported by Daily Mail, in just over 11 months Kim has lost over 55 pounds! Now that’s impressive for someone who is constantly on the go, making moves and creating new opportunities for Kanye, North and herself. Through persistent exercise and eating a healthy and balanced diet, Kim has managed to get back into phenomenal shape! If only we all had the dedication!

‘I’ve been doing the Atkins diet, but of course, I have my cheat days,’ Kim told UsWeekly in December last year, as she proudly showed off her bikini body.

Talking about her motivation to lose weight, Kim has mentioned specifically the massive amount of scrutiny she’s faced from the tabloids, as they have incorrectly said that she ‘ballooned’ to over 200 pounds during her pregnancy. Even though those reports exaggerated, it’s still incredible to see Kim stay so motivated to stay in shape and eat healthily!

How do you think she managed to pull it off? Check out the before and after below. Amazing!

Kim Kardashian Weight Loss





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