Kim Kardashian $200 Million Video Game

There are certainly a lot of Kim Kardashian haters out there, but you can’t argue that she is a brilliant businesswoman. Time and time again she, along with the entire Kardashian family, have proven that they are very good at two things – finding the spotlight and making money.

On June 25th Kim launched an iphone app game “Kim Kardashian Hollywood”, where game players get the chance to be Kim and learn how to become famous. The app, which has reportedly received over 500,000 downloads is currently number two on the Apple Itunes free mobile app list.

Bloomberg Media are now forecasting that game is set to make more than $200 million dollars in the next year or less through the in app purchases.

Customers are already getting addicted to the game, where Kim Kardashian and her business partners make money every time someone make an in-app purchase – many of which are required to move forward and compete in the game. Here is a recent review from the app store.

I’m addicted, but spending too much.

I originally got this game because I heard a lot of people talking about it, and it seemed really fun and I loved the concept, so I got it, but then, I found myself addicted. I had to play the game, and also I needed to keep buying stars to get energy so I could do well at my modeling shoots and appearances and all of that. What I hate is I run out of energy so quickly it’s crazy. I can’t get enough energy in order to ace a shoot unless I buy it, so I’ve found myself spending too much money on this.

The way that this game is going so far – Kim is definitely on track to make a lot of money. Have you played the game? What do you think? Let us know in the comments.



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